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Ajay Newar is a contemporary singer, musician, and music producer hailing from Sadiya, Assam, India. Born with a passion for the arts, Ajay has always been captivated by singing and the world of music. His deep interest in music and also played a significant role in shaping his journey.

From a young age, Ajay exhibited a natural talent for music, and his love for creating melodies led him to explore the world of music production and video editing. In 2016, he took the first steps towards his musical career, establishing himself as a promising music producer and video editor. Through his exceptional skills and dedication, Ajay has been an influential figure in the music industry, earning recognition as a versatile singer, music producer, and composer.

Ajay Newar's educational journey includes studying for a degree at Bangalore University, reflecting his commitment to self-improvement and knowledge acquisition. Though he couldn't complete his further studies, he found his true calling in music and artistic expression, where he has flourished ever since.

Family holds a special place in Ajay's heart, and he is the proud sibling of two sisters and one brother. His younger brother, "Heru Newar," and elder sister, "Pormila Newar," along with the middle sister, "Yesuda Newar," have been a constant source of support and inspiration throughout his life.

As an artist, Ajay Newar's work has touched the hearts of many, with his compositions resonating with diverse audiences. His unique style blends traditional influences with contemporary sounds, creating a captivating musical experience for listeners worldwide.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Ajay is known for his humility, kindness, and dedication to his craft. He values hard work, passion, and the belief in one's abilities, which have been the driving forces behind his success.

Looking ahead, Ajay Newar aspires to continue pushing the boundaries of his creativity, exploring new musical avenues, and leaving a lasting impact on the world through his artistry. With his exceptional talent and unwavering determination, there's no doubt that Ajay's musical journey will continue to inspire and enchant audiences for years to come.
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Language : Hindi, Nepali, English

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