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Male actor for my 1 minute Short Film

Posted on 04 Mar, 2024
Expires on 03 Apr, 2024
Posted by Laron


-MALE actor
-1 day film shoot
-Height: 5'8 to 5'9
-Physique: Lean
-Deep voice
-Fluent in English
-Job Payment can be changed later on, depending upon the performance.
-Travel fees will be compensated after the shoot.

Further production details like shoot date, location, etc. will be known once everything else is firm.

Audition Script

Subject- ROBBERY

A thief (you) enters a medical store wearing a ski mask and a dark hoodie. You see the cashier sitting at the counter reading the newspaper, there is nobody else inside.

Cashier: (nervously) How can I help you, Sir?

The thief reaches out to his pocket, pulls out a fake gun and has her at gunpoint.
She puts her hands in the air, quivering.

Thief: (aggressively) Don't you say a word! Go, get me the medication for Schizophrenia.

The cashier goes to an aisle to get the medicine.

Thief: Hurry up!

She returns with the medicine and hands it over to him, he snatches it instead.

Thief: Don't you dare call the cops!

He then leaves the store hurriedly, removing the mask, walks down the pavement and turns into a corner.


Category Actor
Location Bengaluru
Job Type Video
Specific Dates 14 Mar, 2024 to 14 Mar, 2024
Number of Vacancies 1
Budget 200 to 250
Pay Basis One Time

Talent Preference

Gender Male
Age Range 21-25 Years
Expertise Acting