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Video Testimonials for my Website

Posted on 29 Nov, 2022
Expires on 10 Dec, 2022
Posted by Gautam



Looking for a video testimonials for my website, These testimonials will be shown on company's Instagram and the website.

Task would be to speak for 5 mins in a mature way reviewing our products and services. For Products you will be required to receive a courier of items and display them while reviewing on the video and pack the same for reverse courier pickup.

But for a services task it is just the speech with face in a video. Language that is required in this would be Hindi and for some English will be also required. Need completer rights to use the video on all the social media platforms for life time and consent to be signed on a contract.


Category Actor
Location New Delhi
Job Type Freelance Project/Assignment
Specific Dates 03 Dec, 2022 to 03 Dec, 2022
Number of Vacancies 5
Budget 400 to 600
Pay Basis Per Day

Talent Preference

Gender Female
Age Range 21-50 Years
Based In Mumbai
Expertise Acting