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Kalakhoj is one of kind an online directory for artists and recruiters for unleashing the inner potential and for the best talent acquisition. Promote your business with us to expand your network by our results-driving advertising solutions. At Kalakhoj we mainly focus on promotions related to the media and entertainment industry.

  • Our Offering For Advertising -
    • 1. Social Media Promotion
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      Attract the eyeballs looking for you. Hit for the right set of audience by doing display ads on our website or for any sponsored content which you want to project on our online property.

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      For any custom sponsored content or advertising, you can approach our creative team to come out with the boom and most creative advertisements which can give you your desired results.

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      Get a chance to be featured on our blogs, social platforms and on other channels to highlight your pick point and to draw attention from the masses out there.

    • 5. Custom Collaboration
      For any sort of custom advertising collaboration, we're ever ready to welcome new ideas for promotions to grow together. Be it any customized promotion or any business collaboration kindly contact us for further process.

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