Marketing Assistance

Unlock Your Dream Job with Effective Marketing Strategies.
  • If you're struggling to get the job, you're probably lacking somewhere and need some grooming to get the best out of it in this massive competition. Remember, to stand out from the crowd your profile needs to be attractive and worth spare time for. As higher the profile visibility more is the chances of your selection. Our branding professional will guide you through the stepwise effective marketing tactics which help you draw recruiter's attention.

    • What We Offer In Our Marketing Assistance?
      • 1. Wall Promotion
        Wondering what wall promotion is? So here will be carrying a promotion for your profile on our official Facebook and Instagram shoutouts to reach the most appropriate bunch of people who can probably offer you your next big role.

      • 2. Profile Optimization
        Alert! Your profile can help you get or lose your next big break. It's very important to invest in your profile creation by highlighting how firm your personality is, your skills, talents and all other professional credentials need to be mentioned. Our team of professionals helps you out in how to make your profile look professional which can draw more jobs to you with appropriate profile optimization.

      • 3. Get Featured
        Featuring can assist in highlighting your professional aura and your skill sets in your category. On our special blog section in our website will curate your journey about your personality in the blog. The blog will only feature yourself. Make the most out of this and get one step ahead in competition.

        • Kalakhoj is an online talent-hiring directory for the artists and recruiters initiating a holistic approach for artists who want to unleash their talents and for recruiters who are in quest of new talent. It's a talent-hiring platform where we strive to make mutual relations with budding artists by providing them with the platform wherein they can make sound career and with the recruiters in aiding them to get the potential talent. Escalate your career with kalakhoj!